Inwood Today


before that restaurant opened

there was another restaurant

in the same spot

a different name

same type of food

but less expensive


that shop selling shoes

used to sell books

and that convenience store

was once a service station

when the town supported two


There is no tree

that is just a tree

or a house

just a house


if you look

you will find the perfume of past lives

in every reincarnated


every lawn


On that bathroom door

Down in Plymouth

Lois came home

to find her husband hanging

and the baby crying

alone in the crib

You may live there now

and never hear that story


Gerald sat drinking some java

in his favorite diner

but when the cops came in for coffee

he panicked and slipped a dime bag worth of joints

between the cushions of the seat

so if the cops stopped him

he’d be clean

and when he came back the next day

the joints were gone

the diner is also gone

and it is now an empty field

with the weeds growing higher


That song

once played as an LP on a turntable

and then on tape

then CD

and now downloaded to a MacBook Air


it has been danced to/sung along with/appreciated over a Chardonnay


Steve and Natalie had it sung at their wedding

and it played in the background

when Bill spent the night with Lorraine

for the last time

before they both moved away

in different directions

their own trail of tears


I don’t believe he’s spoken to her at all

in the last 20 years


Does each generation

see different possibilities

in the spaces they transverse?

in the structures they colonize?


And is it only old men who remember

when cigarettes cost 40 cents a pack

and everyone smoked.