• “New Prospects for Growing Human Replacement Organs in Animals.”

I kiss the stars like I kiss you
under our porch light.

Are you ready, ready
to untangle this Big Sky night

and leap into the sun’s
swashbuckling shine

where a horde of pigs
indulgences in a slop bucket.
Gourmet? Please.

On mud and manure, 
my grandfather’s legacy
brims with harvested organs.

If you insist, mama pig’s
liver will be plopped
into a Wisconsin alcoholic

while papa pig’s heart
will find residence
in a woman lugging a galaxy pump

when all she needs
is a solar system.

I need a michelada,
the soft news

seeping through the static
as I sip from my chilled glass

and you, you open your double vision
to a wheat field of constellations.

  • Wade, Nicholas. The New York Times. 26 January 2017.