Untitled Poems


I’m as dark
as the dreams of a demon
cold to the touch
as if I’m already
partially dead
I stroll around in the shadows
dodging the sun
and the acceptable sanity
that governs them
most of them
there are others
hidden among the living
others of another world
chained by the gravity of this one


You wander around
in the shade of my dark side
as if you’re on safari
walking with wild things
along eroding edges
and living to tell
but we are not the same
and you were not invited
you are simply a tourist
exploring the zoo
pressing your forgettable face
up to the bars
of pacing and caged beasts
plotting their revenge
pacing and caged beasts
who would choose their own death
over being your display


the confusion that binds mirage and reflection
a centaur that roams in the overlap
who I am to myself
is a movie based on actual events
filmed with a blurry lens
when all appeals are exhausted,
who I am to you, is who I am


I love most
people who are ferociously flawed
but flawless
in certain moments with me
I’d rather walk with the wounded
than dance with the divine
I can admire the soft light
of your purity
from any great distance
but it’s your demons I want to kiss