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Inwood Indiana Press

Inwood Indiana is the smallest press in the world, virtually located at latitude 41.318 and longitude -86.203. Inwood is, by census data, “a populated place,” which makes it less than a town and more than an empty lot.

Inwood Indiana is real. Strange things happen in Inwood. Things come up missing, people see things, and the old lady on the corner seems to know your secrets. This publication is the place to tell your stories, or shroud them in prose. We are interested in all things unusual. We are especially interested in poems and stories set in small towns.


October 2009

Inwood Indiana Press began to document the strange happenings. The editor said the truth had to be told.

Others were invited to share their stories. The first witnesses finally came forward. They started to tell…


Zelda Surfaced

Zelda emerged again in 2014. “Turtles the size of doghouses” were seen lumbering out of the pit. Bobby was saved by Larry.

We know part of the mystery, what stirs in the black water, black scales and acid breath…


Summer 1983

Screams were heard from the Lyvers’s home long after everyone left for vacation. What’s happening? The first footsteps are heard.

Five skeptics saw something in the basement.  Only one made it out alive–she only said two words, “I believe.”



Esther found the locks broken in her garage. The guilty Inwood boys are due back any moment. She is “like an old tree walking” toward the yellow house.

Esther won’t let it go unpunished. A cool mist flows out of her freezer, and there’s an axe out of place…

Undeniable Facts

You can try to deny it, but the evidence is mounting. Things have always been bad, but since the 1980’s, things have gotten out of control, and since 2009, the sheer number of strange reports is unsettling.

It’s as though something is coming, and the closer it gets, the more unusual Inwood Indiana becomes.

  • Fires that Burned More than 50% of Inwood’s Buildings
  • Recorded Train Wrecks
  • Documented Alien Abductions
  • Bigfoot Sightings on Record
  • Crop Circles
  • Mutilated Cattle Since 1972
  • Unexplained deaths from 1740-1937
  • Inwood Hauntings Documented before 1980
  • Verified Unexplainable Phenomena Since 2009


Glenn Lyvers

Documenting Editor in Chief

Glenn Lyvers is responsible for the design and editing of this documentary.


A. J. L.

Assistant Historian

April assists with the editing and journal keeping. In Inwood, nobody goes out alone.