Wicked Waltz


Born in the age of phonographs

in a small sinister place that was

in the middle of Inwood, Indiana

where secrets were better left

unspoken because of the pain

with a name like Ambrogio

black flocked velvet vest

a lace cravat and a top hat

shoulder-length acorn hair

parted zig-zag in the middle

black crow resting on shoulder

with a rather scary-looking

chrome skull walking cane

in a room full of waltzers

noticed the ravishing mollisher

the lovely Selene standing alone

near a covey of sunflowers

lavender and charcoal ruffle skirt

blood-red vampire hunter rosary

obsidian eyes full of death

and maroon lips slightly stained

a henna facial tattoo on top

of skin with a bluish tint

intrigued and up for a challenge

leads her to the dancing room

caught up in twirling and circling

spinning round and round

bodies like tops circling the room

he starts to feel a tad dizzy

unaware that she had sprayed

herself with holy water