You Follow


Running through the woods
down the sinister path,
you follow.

Your cold sneer,
the reason for my nightmares.
Your harsh touch,
the reason for all of my pain.

You race me,
afraid to let me go.
I run faster,
afraid to get caught.

I’m tired of the hurt
that you have caused me.
I’m tired of being sad and lonely.
I want you to be gone.
I wish you were dead.

You pursue me still.
My ragged breath increasing
as I stumble around the forest.

You’re close now.
I can feel you behind me.
Your slimy hand catches my wrist
and you pull me back.

I will not cooperate.
I will not let you control me anymore.
I fight and I struggle in your grip,
but my attempts are useless.

I become agitated,
I become frustrated,
I become angry,
and I become fierce.

A hard blow to your stomach
and your sprawled on the floor.
I’m off again,
away from you,
away from hell.

My legs tired,
my lungs in pain.
I stop running
and gasp for air.

“What do I do now?”
I whisper.
I know nothing of this world.
Where could I go?
No one knows I exist,
except for the ungrateful bastard
behind me.

I hear the rustle of leaves,
I peer behind
and see him
coming towards me.

I become frightened.
Adrenaline surges through my body
as I try to get free from his wrath.
He attempts to grab hold of me again,
but with a strong push,
he falls back.

His head hits a log,
and I see crimson red appear.
“What have I done!!”, I screech
as I scurry towards him.

Tears leak from my eyes
as I stare into his pale
and lifeless face.

“What have I done?”