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“Breaking Curfew” is released.

Breaking Curfew is now available in paperback. Inwood Indiana is proud to present, “Breaking Curfew.” Featuring works by: Arthur Levine, Ashley Dean, Brion Berkshire, Chancho Cox, Christine Angersola, Danny Barbare, Derek Smith, Elaheh Zohrevandi, Elle Pryor, Fred Skolnik, Gary Germeil, Heidi Petersen, Helen R. Peterson, Justin D. , Anderson, Kate Kimball, Kristine Muslim, Marie Shield, Patrick Sugrue, Paul Piatkowski, Richard Luftig, Shane Stricker, Stan Hollingworth, and Steve...

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Derailed now available in paperback.

Inwood Indiana Issue #3. Derailed. Inwood Indiana Press is proud to present “Derailed,” a fine collection of poetry and fiction featuring works by: James R. Silvestri, Terry Davis, George McLoone, Frank Terry, Max Keanu, Gail Francis, Glenn Lyvers, Philip Suggars, Justin Nicholes, Elizabeth Green, Harris Tobias, Dustin Hyman, A.J. Huffman, Kristine Ong Muslim, Gary Germeil, Ben Gwin, Max Keanu, Brion Berkshire, and Greg...

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Hawthorn Road released.

Our newest book, Hawthorn Road, has been released. You may purchase copies from our website. Hawthorn Road is the second volume in the Inwood Indiana collection. Set in rural Indiana, rooted in suspicion and storytelling, Inwood Indiana is a piece of all of us. Through this collection of small town literature, Inwood comes alive. Featuring works by Stacy Smith, Neila Mezynski, Phil Richardson, Ellen Denham, Jack Bristow, Barrie Darke, Sharon Goldner, Benjamin Nardolilli, Gary Beck, Jo Taylor, Aaron Posey, Helen R. Peterson, Josh Byer, Jeb Reiss, Erin Reilly, Andrew McLinden, Brion Berkshire, Brent Fisk, James Valvis, James R. Silvestri, and Inwoodians Glenn and Greg...

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