Once Lost, Now Found


Three crosses erected
By the side
Of the road
Were accompanied
By a sign
For a pastor
Who had opened
A new church
On the edge of town.

Formerly itinerant,
He had decided
To set down roots
When he saw
The lights of
The little main street
After a long stretch
Of trees lining
A lonely highway.

He had finalized
his decision
When he came
Upon an inn.
Its shingle read “Welcome,”
But he perceived
A divine message,
A blinding flash
From the blaze
Under the mantle
That had bounced
Out the transom,
Crossing his windshield
As he approached
From the highway.

Just a coincidence?
In this faith,
There were no coincidences.
Perhaps his search
For a place to stay
Had concluded.

Haunted by errors
For which he thought
That he could never
Forgive himself,
He had found
No consolation
From the Good Book
Sufficient in the past
To stay put,
So, he was compelled
To move on
Before he dared
New attachments.

Maybe this time
He had found a home
In Inwood, Indiana.