When the pain resonates in the deep clanks of the
big pendulum
standing alone in the heart of that small town
it vibrates and syncs up with
all the wailing throbbing beats

A whimper and a whisper
lost tears and the countless sobs
of the million dying souls
making a deep wet impression
on their pillow

It oscillates and scatters the loneliness
anxiety deep seeded in the heart of the dwellers
scattering in equal proportions
on both sides of the town.

With every lost moment of time
those lost souls
secretly praying under the bated breath
with offering to the exalted gods

As it moans deeply and echoes back,
that lone needle is the stark reflection of the
prison of life
dangling between the closed ends
the monotony
the faceless charade,
the endless grind,
and the hamster of a life

the bell tolls at the top of the hour
as pain reaches the resonance
its screams are quietly hidden
in the dissonance of that town bell
Can you hear it tolling now?