The clutching bones
makes the rattling sound
and that grim reaper makes his
eerie presence
felt around

Life is squeezed out of this moment
gasping and choking
with no air to breathe
the darkness  has engulfed
that sliver of the sunshine
and the happiness
has been pushed into the
deep ravine

Those squeals
have been locked shut in the boxes
so tight,
the screech and the screaming
have been warming the air
and taking birth

The firmament of the hell
has been opened
and the soul will be gutted
the body will be ripped
and shred will be fed in pieces

The wails of the
weeping widows
adorns and embellishes
the room
the pungent smell in the air
carries its gloom

Ghouls and the monsters are
lingering in the dark
calling out your name
when the macabre
dance of the death
slowly begins.