Open Your Eyes


I had been feeling sad and lonely. I decided to go back into the past and visit my childhood home.

When I arrived, my sister, mother, and brother were sitting at the kitchen table having a meal. I walked in and said, “Hello.”

They welcomed me warmly and asked, “How have you been?” I felt secure and comfortable being welcomed home.

Soon my father made an appearance, asking, “Why are you here?”

“I was feeling sad and lonely. I needed to see my family again.”

“You need to open your eyes and see the truth. What you see is not reality.” He motioned for me to open the front door.

I opened the door and peered outside. What used to be lush, green grass, plentiful trees below crystal blue skies had been replaced by a vast wasteland. There were no lush grasses, no trees, and the sky was dark with pollution.

When I turned back, my home was no longer recognizable. It had transformed into a run-down, shabby old barn.

“Daddy what does this mean?”

“The keepers!” he answered. “They breed us. They maintain us. They keep us around for food.”

His parting words, “Open your eyes!”