The new issue of Inwood Indiana, Ditch’em, is very close to release. Check out the teaser! (See the link above.)

In other news:

The people page has been updated with two new characters!

  • Larry Clevenger: I lived in Inwood for many years. I knew all about the pit, where it came from, what lies beneath. I’m probably the last person to know the truth. (Inwood Lore: Larry appears when there is trouble around the pit. He seems to have a way with Zelda.)
  • R. A. Allen: I am from Memphis but sometimes I just get in my car and drive. I always seem to end up in Inwood Indiana when I come to my senses. (Inwood Lore: R. A. Allen writes stories about Inwood residents.)

Inwood Indiana also has a new gallery. Feel free to upload your favorite pictures from Inwood, or visit the gallery to see what others are posting.

You will also see a new form to suggest new characters for our pages.