Inwood Indiana, the smallest press in the world, is proud to introduce The Pop Machine, bursting with small-town stories, world-class poetry, tales of horror and woe, and all things peculiar.

Featuring fine selections of poetry and fiction by Christopher Acker, Edward Ahern, Bart Bergfeld, F.J. Bergmann, Cyn Bermudez, Les Bohem, Gustavo Bondoni, Anna Cates, Suzanne Cottrell, Deborah L. Davitt, Bill DeArmond, Thomas Elson, Rebekah Goemaat, R. A. Goli, Carol Jones, Lianne Kamp, Martin Keaveney, Helen Laser, Emily Laubham, Jennifer Leeper, David LeGere, Ken Leland, D. Leroy, J. David Liss, Richard Luftig, Michael M. Marks, Mike Murphy, Steven Perry, David Pring-Mill, Sujash Purna, Christina M. Rau, John Reinhart, John Riebow, Joe Roberts, Patricia Rossi, Vincent Salvati, David Anthony Sam, Sugar Tobey, Kristofer Velasquez, and Changming Yuan.

Paperback copies are available in the bookstore!