Between the road sign and the ditch, Inwood Indiana is widely considered to be the strangest place on earth.
Crossroads is filled with hand selected literary works spanning an eclectic mix of subjects with emphasis on legend, lore, fable, horror, small towns, and all things unusual.

The legend of Inwood Indiana attracts writers from all over the world, all competing to have their poems and stories printed by the smallest press in the world.

Featuring works by: Jacob Adams, Chrystal Berche, Robert Boucheron, Jude Conlee, Ashley Dean, JD DeHart, P.E. Dixon, Joshua Flowers, Leila A. Fortier, Tim Gardiner, Joann Grisetti, Deborah Guzzi, Crystal Hapner, David Hukill, Teddy Kimathi, Ken Leland, Mercedes Lucero, Tennae Maki, Cameron Miller, Robert B Moreland, Isa Surreal Muse, Michelle Ong, Scott Outlar, Anina Robb, Mike Schaffner, Shirley Smothers, Christopher Suda, Robert Thimmesh, Aiden Thomas, Elizabeth Trueblood, Daniel von der Embse, Madeline Weinland, Deborah Wong, and Barry Yeoman.

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