Bones of Blue, Eyes of Gold

if I were to redefine myself
redesign everything from the inside out
I would start with bones of blue
not soft, gentle, pastels
but deep, intense, midnight blues
that hold the mysteries of the stars
the history of the universe
a place to hide my darkest thoughts
my deepest desires
bones to resonate like blues saxophones
vibrating their lowest tones right down
through the floor

someone else might want to make
muscles of coral, thousand shades of red,
but I want malachite, variegated greens
strength and beauty combined, sculpted

platinum is my preference for a heart
no corrosion, no soft parts to fail
or break at some hint of love lost
an enduring precious core, mi corazon

and so with other systems, the world’s richest hues
a neon yellow brain, electrical circuits flashing
plumbing and pipes of fluorescent orange
circulating titanium white around and around and around
ending with eyes of purest gold
so I could see through deception
recognize goodness in everyone I meet

if I were my own designer