The Bluish Hue

Midnight…I am doused in darkness, ignited in black suffocation… Yet I see an ethereal light?

With apparent reticence dawn arrives shackled to an impenetrable fog… Mother Nature has surreptitiously woven a blanket of blindness… Yet I see an ethereal light?

Stubbornly the fog dissipates and the cloudiest of skies emerge cloaked in shades of burnt charcoal… Yet I see an ethereal light?

Dusk arrives…formally announced by torrential rains. Tree limbs majestically bow to furious downpours, their leaves rhythmically detach, swirling in chaos… Yet I see an ethereal light?

Immersed within this ethereal light… haloed brushstrokes dabbed in hues of shimmering blue.

This ethereal light, it beckons me to a sanctuary… a spiritual haven, overflowing with love, compassion and peace. I am mystified by its seraphic blue hued streaks. I am embraced by a divine strength, yet haunted by an innate familiarity.

A sudden celestial tainted epiphany… This ethereal light? This bluish hue?

Undoubtedly it is my Mother’s beautiful blue eyes looking down upon me… guiding me through life’s darkest storms… gracefully leading me toward the light.