Do You See?


Do you see wain in the foxlight?

Do you glimpse the turbulence of the moon?

Do you recognize the vulnerability of sunlight?

Do you descry the essence of contemplation in the dead of night?

Do you behold the majesty of this moment?


Does it see you?

Does it penetrate the darkest corners of deviation?

Does it espy your far-reached cry?

Does it sight the glimmer of an entity’s flash?

Does it survey the night only to find the darkest corners of your delight?


Did she notice the vain dash of an incandescent soul?

Did she ponder at the flash of an unseen tail?

Did she wonder at the creak of an unsuspected branch?

Did she start at the call of an unending voice?

Did she associate with the appearance of an incapable vision?


I saw the brevity of the advent.

You saw the flicker of an innocent spirit.

He saw the malice of the shade in the sunlight.

They saw the strength of vis animi.

It saw the deviation of your spirit into the darkness of midnight.