When our editor, Glenn Lyvers, lived in Inwood, Indiana as a teenager, they played a game (similar to tag) called Ditch’em, which is where the name came from for this beautiful (and frightening) issue.


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It’s interesting to note that our editor has a short story in this issue (very rare) and you can read the teaser to that story on the website. http://InwoodIndiana.com

Enjoy Ditch’em! Featuring these fine authors:

  • Ashley Sgro
  • Bob Carlton
  • Bradley Sides
  • Brion Berkshire
  • Charles Gardner
  • Deborah Guzzi
  • Deborah Wong
  • Doug Robbins
  • Edgar Rider
  • Elias Red
  • George Djuric
  • Gerard Sarnat Sarnat
  • Glenn Lyvers
  • Hannah Kuster
  • Ivan de Monbrison
  • Joann Grisetti
  • John Grey
  • John Wulf
  • Jonel Abellanosa
  • Julie Bartoli
  • M. E. Mitchell
  • Meredith Devney Mullins
  • Michael Lane
  • Paul Piatkowski
  • Ron Singer
  • Shirley Smothers
  • Suvi Mahonen
  • T.J. Cheverie
  • Thomas Healy
  • Tiffany Harmon
  • Toshiya Kamei