On a moonlit night,
As the Milky Way
Shimmered like a band
Reflected in a lake
Just outside of
The town of Inwood Indiana,
A woman foresaw
An emerging civilization.

That other world
Would return to us
The realm of Ancients
After Atlantis arose
From the Ocean,
Reawakening great
Creatures who would
Be worshipped as Gods.

When she was found
The next day by
Three fishermen,
The woman was
Lost and raving
On a tiny islet,
Almost a sandbar
With some shrubbery.

Dehydrated and suffering
From sunstroke, she was
Taken to the hospital
Where doctors said ecstasy
Not the emotion,
But the drug,
Had caused her
Brush with madness.

Once its ill effects
Had diminished,
So had the revelation,
But as nobody had
The prescience
To record her
Proclamations, the
Prophecy faded away.

History tells that
The Oracle of Delphi
Received divination
In an induced
State of madness
As the result of
Inhaling vapors from
Deep within the Earth.

For a single night,
The woman, who
Left the hospital
Unscathed, but also
Untethered by memories
Of these events,
Embodied a shadow
Of a visionary lost to time.