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Midnight Shadows by Timothy Wilkinson

Midnight Shadows   Tree-cast shadows upon the fence In moonlit darkness Twilight sent Bold and black they linger there On sun-bleached pine In sultry air But shades of that from which they fall Falsehoods, lies They each and all Like those of us whose lives are spent Beneath the veil Of wrongs we’ve rent For no one ever, shadows love Remembers, wants Or longs the touch Of grayness splayed along the face, Of rotted wood, Affixed in place Or ever sees the lack of light That paints its heart Across the night For trees it is that life adores...

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A Siren in the Rain by M. C. Kaske

A Siren in the Rain   Jenny was late. So, there I stood, alone on a suburban street corner not far from the empty soccer field. The early October evening was marked with the welcoming scent of autumn decay, but the overcast sky was hazy and cold. It wasn’t Jenny’s absence that chilled me. It was the silence, the coming dusk. Nervous, I counted the streetlights as they lit, listening to the gurgling kill; it was the sound of water over rocks and mud. Shivering, I shouldered my sagging schoolbag and kicked my soccer ball; it left a mark...

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Spark by Jakob Chapman

Spark   Daily warming—chopping kindling. Damper open.  Build the wooden cabin higher, within the black, cast-iron stove. There is something primal in fire.  Humans desire private red flames—to warm old hearts, hands, toes, and bones.  Glowing embers, hearth stones, wood stacks—contend with days dark, wet, and cold.  Yet I have grown distant from fire—but not the spark.  ...

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