The unflinching attitude to negativity is what keeps us alive

Adored, adorned, adopted, adapted

Smell of dried and burned grass and garlic

Seeping through all our pedagogic minds.


When a pair of blue eyes open up

And the smell of a faint body lotion on her skin

Screaming on the top of her lungs with pleasure or pain

God knows what.


Stands out, stands in, stands better, stranded

Elephant man is as beautiful as her tattoo of a sparrow

But confused as life is

A symbol just to show that we love breathing


Without knowing that we do

She pulls out her notebook with non-glare white paper

With glaring dark ink and reads out

Eyes closed I listen and try hard to imagine


A black diary thrown in a trash

A line that divides two people

Inside against outside, outsider looking in

Insider looking out

At a sparrow.