Strange Inwoodians

Fictional Citizens of Inwood Indiana



Of course like any place with a name, Inwood has the good and the not-so-good. Our readers should remember, this is a fiction website. Any resemblance between the people’s names who appear below, and the real people who live (or lived) in Inwood is purely coincidental. The real Inwoodians are much stranger.


(A note to writers about Inwood Lore: “Lore” are references to little rumors or suspicions about the town and the people. Stories should not be too thick with references to lore. Our editor appreciates subtlety.)

Just added July 20th 2016! Taylor the tailor: Taylor is often seen carrying a tape measure and a notebook. He measures the clothes people leave out on clotheslines. He always asks questions like, “What size are you?” And then he scurries off to his tiny house in the woods. What is he doing? (Inwood lore: Taylor makes clothes out of human hair.)

Glenn Lyvers: Glenn is often seen carrying a hunting rifle. He is always coming up with schemes, which he talks his friends into. Glenn is Caucasian, with hazel eyes and long hair. He lives with his family in the biggest house on Hawthorne Road. The old brick building has salamanders in the basement. He has a dog named Brandy. (Inwood lore: Glenn’s twin brother, Greg, said he saw Glenn floating in the hallway.)

Greg Lyvers: I try to get Glenn into trouble. I am the best at hiding and finding things out. I always win a staring contest and seem to randomly find money here and there. (Inwood lore: Greg is in love with someone, and won’t say whom.)

Linda Clevenger: I was the little girl that lived on the corner in the white house. With really long red hair. She lived with her grandparent Esther and John Buwa. She had a very mean brother Kenny that no one liked. Her grandfather worked in South Bend and grandma owned the restaurant in Inwood. Everyone thought we where rich. (Inwood Lore: Linda heard grandpa found a safe from a bank, and kept the money.)

Kieth Clevenger: I has a sister named Tracy. I don’t share my toys. I live on the other side of the tracks, but go into town everyday to hang out with my friends. My best friends are Glenn and Greg Lyvers. We can often be seen at the pop machine outside Esther’s. I have a wiener dog named Oscar.(Inwood lore: My dog seems to know things and has a tendency to show up when people are in trouble.)

Tracy Clevenger: I am a tomboy, and I’ll kick your ass if you say that. I have a little brother named Kieth. I can be seen wandering into cornfields in the summer. (Inwood lore: Greg said he saw strange lights coming from the cornfield just before Tracy said she had to go.)

Chastity: I am curvy and all the boys love me. I am beautiful and tricky. I love the attention, but nobody is good enough to deserve me…but they better try! (Inwood Lore: Tracy said she saw Chastity kiss a boy, and then she never saw that boy again.)

Brandy: I am not Glenn’s dog! I hate that I have the same name as that mutt. I am very popular, and I can win any argument. I can cook and sing like an angel. (Inwood lore: Gail said she saw Brandy streaking through the park.)

Gail Lyvers: I am the oldest of the Lyvers kids. I run around with boys, and like to dabble in the dark arts. I play guitar and seem to attract the wrong sort of guys. (Inwood lore: Some people say Gail has a way with animals.)

Larry Clevenger: I lived in Inwood for many years. I knew all about the pit, where it came from, what lies beneath. I’m probably the last person to know the truth. (Inwood Lore: Larry appears when there is trouble around the pit. He seems to have a way with Zelda.)

R. A. Allen: I am from Memphis but sometimes I just get in my car and drive. I always seem to end up in Inwood Indiana when I come to my senses. (Inwood Lore: R. A. Allen writes stories about Inwood residents.)

Todd Lyvers: I am a dare devil and I’ll do anything you double-dare me to. I spend time at the pop machine, and I like to go hunting. I like to climb the grain elevator and sit on top. I have an arsenal of guns. I am a practical joker. (Inwood lore: People say Todd has a special power – he can fall asleep anywhere.)

Gary Lyvers: I am very athletic. People say I look like Tom Hanks. I can be seen jogging and playing tag. Nobody can outrun me. I often play pool in Esther’s garage. I am very stubborn. (Inwood lore: Linda said she saw Gary peeking in windows.)

Jeffrey Slabaugh: I live in the restaurant. I have a way with machinery and electronics. I have a sister named Cathy. I spend time inventing gadgets, and doing odds and ends for the neighbors. I want to grow up and leave Inwood Indiana. (Inwood lore: Jeff always seems to be absent when trouble starts.)

Cathy Slabaugh: I am beautiful and the younger boys in the neighborhood seem to follow me around. I am not modest, and it drives the boys crazy. I am very smart but most people never see that because of my looks. I never seem to get credit when I save the day! (Inwood Lore: Some people say, Cathy has a tail.)

Rochester Charlie: I am drifter who passes through once in a blue moon. I usually roam around Rochester Indiana but pass through Inwood now and then. (Inwood lore: Rochester Charlie is secretly very rich.)

Eric Knapp: I have a brother named Bruce. I love to irritate people just for the fun of it. I keep to myself mostly but I will jump into activities with other people if I know I can win. People say my brother and I are the bad apples of Inwood Indiana, but I think I’m just misunderstood. (Inwood lore: Glenn said he saw Eric kiss a boy.)

Bruce Knapp: I am loyal to my brother, and to my family. If people think my brother is the bad apple, then they must not know me. I keep to myself unless I feel left out of something. I like to beat up kids littler than me. (Inwood lore: Gail said Bruce is a bully, but would cry if anyone his own age stood up to him.)

Esther: I have lived on the corner since before Inwood was a town. I have seen people come and go for hundreds of years. Nobody knows how old I am, and I want it to stay that way. I have many secrets, about the town – and about other things. Some say I am an angel, others say I am a witch. I run a tiny arcade in my garage and have a pop machine on the corner. I just want to be left alone. (Inwood lore: Esther changed her name once.)

Holly Nifong: I live just on the outside of town. I rarely visit because when I do, something aweful always seems to happen. I have a brother named Bruce. (Inwood lore: Holly is bad luck.)

The Old Rag Picker Man: Every place has one. Why should Inwood be any different? He is only spoken about in whispers. There, see, in the shadows of that darkened corner. Yes, that’s him. The old folks say he looked just as old when they were kids. No one remembers a time when he wasn’t seen hanging around. Adults say he’s harmless, just a homeless bum. The children say he’s scary; they throw rocks at him and tease him with sharp sticks. They call him “The Old Rag Picker Man.” He’s always there, alone in the dark shadows, among the trash cans, watching, always watching. (Inwood Lore: Just when you think you know something about him, you always find out you’re wrong.)